Kwabre: Military cracks whip on ‘deer’ trying to obstruct elections

The military a moment ago preached some bitter message of calmness into a popular thug in the Kwabre East constituency in the Ashanti region.

The young man popularly called “Kwabre Otwee” (to wit the Deer of Kwabre) decided to take it out on an election official at a polling station at Adanwomase where he felt the officer was acting illegally.

According to the popular gangster, the EC official was stamping the back and front of the ballot paper, a claim he alone could attest to.

The electoral process was virtually brought to a standstill as he threw his weight about in a braggadocios display, totally oblivious of the men in camouflage who were gazing silently at a distance.

Abusua FM’s Frank Ntoo reports that the “Kwabre Otwee’s bravado and gusto was however diffused with the pace of a deer with a single slap from a military man.

He noted that smooth Voting has resumed with ‘Kwabre Otwee’ still yet to come out of his sombre shock for any media interviews.

 By: Ghana/ Heacothe Fumador