Doctor, please my penis is too small!

Doctor, my penis is too small, my friends  laugh at me in school, I can’t bath together with others, will I be able to sexually satisfy my wife in future, will I have children in future, please can you make it bigger?

If you are a man and having these questions or fears on your mind, know that you are not alone. Many men experience this phenomenon otherwise known as the small penis syndrome – an anxious feeling that one’s penis is too small even though it is not.

Bear in mind that the belief that the height of a man or his shoe size determines the size of his penis is false and thus a myth.  Cold weather, fear and excessive belly fat can erroneously make the penis appear smaller.

What is a Micro penis?

By definition, a true micropenis or small penis is a penis which is less than seven centimetres in its stretched state in adults and less than 1.9 centimetres in babies less than five months old. Micro penis is mainly caused by inadequate production of the hormone testosterone or problems in the action of the testosterone in the unborn baby. A truly small penis usually causes problems with urination and sexual intercourse and can be managed with hormone replacement drugs or surgery.

What has scientific research found?

It will interest you to know that in truth, most men complaining of a small penis actually have a normal-sized penis. A research was conducted among 250 men complaining of small penis size in Egypt. It was revealed upon examination that 246 (98.4 per cent ) of them actually had normal-sized penises. Out of the four who had small penises, two had a buried penis (caused by excessive belly fat) while the other two had true micropenis.  So true micropenis is actually rare (only 0.4 per cent!)

So think again if you believe you have a small penis. You are likely to be in the greater majority (98.4 per cent) and you don’t need to worry. Hakuna matata! You also need to stop looking at the penis from above, it gives a false impression of a small penis and that is also not how women see it. Rather, you need to look at it standing undressed in front of a full length mirror.

What is the length of your penis?

Ok so first of all, let us get you measuring the length of your penis. Are you ready? You will need a ruler.

The most reliable way to measure the penis is called the Stretched Penis Length (SPL). This is done when the penis is flaccid or soft.  Gently press one end of the ruler firmly against your pubic bone which is at the base of the penis in order not to lose some valuable centimetres! Pull or stretch the penis gently as far as it will go and measure from the pubic bone to the very tip of the stretched penis .

What did you get? I told you you have a normal-sized penis. Gotcha! So no more worries. Some men who think they have small penis size but actually have normal size penis are also worried about the depth of penetration during sexual intercourse. This is not so important as female excitement or pleasure mainly depends on stimulation of the clitoris which can be found at the entrance of the vagina. The length of the female vagina also ranges between 6.5cm and 12.5cm and apposed. It is not a potential space but rather elastic in nature, so the friction needed for sexual excitement will be attained irrespective of the size of the penis.

Doctor, will I be able to have children in future?

On the issue of fertility, it does not depend at all on the size of your penis but related to the semen production as a function of your testis.  So you can have as many children as you want even with a small penis and the one with a giant penis might even have small testis and be infertile. I may deal with this sometime later!

I have a true micropenis, can it be made bigger please?

If your penis is indeed smaller than expected or true micropenis, do not worry, all hope is not lost and there are available options. Learn to accept yourself and remember there are numerous ways to enjoy sexual intercourse even with a micropenis!

First of all, you need to consult a doctor, who may prescribe some medications after requesting for investigations. Reading things on the Internet/social media is great but it can never replace the opinion of a specialist!

Do not believe the advertisements on the media promoting various medication and procedures to lengthen or increase the size of the penis. In actual fact, some of these so-called penile enlarging drugs may have varied consequences on the body, more especially the liver and kidneys.

You need to also bear in mind that taking drugs will not work unless there is true micropenis as a result of hormonal deficiencies. Each individual is also unique and the treatment option varies depending on the severity of the case.

Surgery is another option for lengthening the penis. You need to see a Urologist for this.

So, small penis syndrome is actually a problem many gentlemen face although majority of them actually have normal penis size. If you still have concerns, see a doctor (Urologist) for further workup of the cause and appropriate management.

Writer: Dr Abena Tannor