NPP supporters in Tamale seize government agencies

Incensed life-threatening weapon wielding persons believed to be supporters of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) Monday morning chased out workers and padlocked offices of Youth and Employment Agency (YEA) in two districts of the Northern region.

The armed men invaded the agency offices in the Tamale metro and the Sagnarigu districts asking staff to stand down and vacate their duty posts.

There was a report of a similar attack on the regional office of National Health Insurance Authority, which was difficult to verify when Ultimate News’ Eliasu Tanko visited.

They were taking over the agency because they was a change of government.

Chaos broke out as staff struggled to pack out and armed police were immediately called in to ward off the rampaging party loyalists  who were threatening to harm the fleeing workers.

“Strictly out of bounds for current workers…Open the door at your own risk”, the belligerent group left this chilling message on a wall at the Metropolitan office of the agency.

The outgoing regional director of the agency Mr. Rashid Tanko Computer condemned the attack and said it was illegal.

“We are operating under an act of Parliament. We are a public service institution and so all staff there are recruited through the public service commission procedure so nobody has the right to attack the office thinking its a political office…I’m writing to the police commander to officially notify him,” he said.

Police have taken over the offices even though it remain locked with red banners tied to the doors.

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