Sheriffa Gunu releases new hit single ‘Salamatu’

Award winning artiste Sherrifa Gunu has released a new hit single titled ‘Salamatu’.
The song which has a very danceable and rhythmic afro tune basically celebrates the uniqueness in African names which is often used and recognized in most parts of African countries.
Briefing Journalists in Accra, Sherrifa explained that the inspiration for ‘Salamatu’ espouses African values of African women; beauty and virtue.
‘Whether you are housewife, career woman, etc…African women are indeed beautiful,’ she praised.
She further added that, her target for this song is not only her fans in Ghana but, those around the globe, hence her decision to make the song appeal to multicultural audiences in Africa and the rest of the world.
According to her, the song is a medium she could use to propagate her core positive message of peace, unity, equal rights and all the values that touch the heart of humanity.
“My fans should expect the very best from me, always spreading positive message through my music” she said.
‘Salamatu’ is part of the album which is yet to released.
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