Tribal Fight Looms in Tatale Over DCE Position

Dozen of angry youth of the Basere tribe at Tatale in the Northern region today embarked on what police in the area called an “illegal demonstration” yelling threats of violence over a rumour that President Akufo -Addo had given the District Chief Executive position to a Kokomba tribesman.

The youth in the chaotic and uncoordinated protest marched to the paramount chief to present a petition which some have called ‘warning letter’, after accusing him of influencing the nomination.
They said the chief was lobbying for the former NPP Member of Parliament, Thomas Mbomba who went independent after he lost a primary.
The protesters held placards some of which read ” No bassare No DCE, Mr. President the man caused the defeat of NPP.
The youth however at the palace spurned out of control disregarding their leaders and insulting the ruler by calling him “bribe taker”.
“Even if the chief succeeds we won’t agree. The MP is a Kokomba so the DCE must be a bassare”, a demonstrator said.
They refused to reveal the source of the information upon which they were protesting but said they will harm the chief and any Kokomba man to be given the district top job.
A Kokomba youth leader said they had taken note of the actions and intension of their brothers. He says without details that a full response is being prepared.
A Palace secretary Mr. S. Samuel told Ultimate News’ Eliasu Tanko that  the chief felt attacked by the action of the youth and have sermon a meeting with sub-chiefs and security forces.
He denied all the allegations against the paramount chief and said the youth would be punished for disrespecting the ruler.
” We have to correct them. If your child go wayward you have to correct that fellow”, Samuel said in a telephone interview.
Political and tribal divisions have destroyed relationship between the two tribes living in the infant district.
Political tensions have always escalated in times of political positions.
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