Catherine Afeku lays to rest charges of fraud

Minister designate for Tourism, Culture and creative art, Catherine Afeku today laid to rest controversy of fraud that threatened her ministerial appointment.

Mrs Afeku and her husband have been battling a contractual case with a couple in the United States Patricia and Bill Gick, a case which landed the embattled minister designate a court claim of some 217 thousand dollars with interest of fifty percent.

A judgement that was secured against her in 2007 was however stayed in the year 2014 after fresh evidence was adduced in court.

The embattled minister nominee who appeared before Parliament’s Appointments committee today however established that no charge of fraud was levelled against her.

“I have never been charged with fraud neither have I ever had any criminal background but in 2007, I had the opportunity to do business with some American partners and it was a simple business relationship that went sour.”

“It ended up in court as a civil suit until 2013 when we came by fresh evidence in the form of a video recording of the son of our business partners who was a witness in the earlier judgement confessing that the entire suit was built on a conspiracy between my business partners and a native of Axim. We filed an appeal in 2014 and it was ruled in our favour. There were never any findings of fraud, there were never any findings of criminality,” She defended.

Mrs Afeku will however await the approval of the house to seal her appointment to the ministry of Culture and Creative Art.

By: Ghana/ Korshie Heathcote- Fumador