Audio: Educate Mad Men from Littering-KMA Waste Boss Tells Residents

The Director of the Waste Management Department of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) John Gokemiah is asking residents in the metropolis to educate mentally deranged persons from littering.

He called on the residents to desist from criticising him unnecessarily and hit the streets to sensitise people with mental illness spotted littering roundabouts built to beautify the metropolis.

A livid Waste Boss bemoaned that his efforts in keeping the city clean has not been appreciated by the residents.

Mr Gokemiah’s comments followed a phone-in call by a UK bred Ghanaian woman Madam Claudia Amaniampong, who is an ardent listener of Ultimate Breakfast Show hosted by Lantam Papanko questioning his grading scale, after he had taken the luxury to score himself an 80% pass mark for maintaining sanitary standards in Kumasi.

Check what ensued:

“You know anything about Kumasi gets me going. I don’t understand what the gentleman is talking about. I am driving through Kumasi and the filth is there for all to see so what are they saying. Kumasi is filthy and Kumasi stinks. Go to Santasi roundabout. There is gabbage in the roundabout where the statue is and there are some mad people sitting around it. I don’t understand.

“Go to Children’s Park at Amakom roundabout. That park… Gabbage! Gabbage! Please give us a break eh! And find something to do about Kumasi,” a frustrated Madam Claudia fumed.

But an incensed Gokemiah retorted, “I am very saddened by her statement. The Santasi roundabout, we go there periodically to clean because there is an insane person who carries the garbage there. We have a tractor that we use for that kind of work. Wednesday they will go to that santasi roundabout.”

“But I will be glad if miss Gladia… Claudia or whoever would go and also probably go and educate the madman because he is the cause of the problem there’.

Listen to audio:

By: Ghana/ Heathcote Fumador