A/R: Security Coordinator was obstinate, he caused his own brutality-Police Commander

The Ashanti Regional Police Commander DCOP Ken Yeboah, has disclosed that the newly appointed Regional Security Coordinator George Adjei who was brutally assaulted by Delta Force refused to heed to police advise and that of his colleagues.

He said Mr Adjei was cautioned about the group’s move after gathering intelligence asking why he didn’t heed to their advise not to go to his office on the planned date of the assault.

Speaking with Lantam Papanko on Ultimate Breakfast Show, DCOP Yeboah stated that the assault could have been prevented if the Regional Security Coordinator had listened to their warning.

Delta Force, a vigilante group of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) on Friday physically assaulted Mr Adjei claiming he is an ‘outsider’ who is not known by members of the party in the region.

‘We gathered intelligence on March 23, 2017, that some people were trying to attack the officer, he personally came to me in my house, and I warned him that he in view of this, he should stay away from the office, and then we see what we can do by providing security, and then he refused. He said he was going to be in the office, and I told him not to, and he said he was going to. And I told him I will provide security and the next morning I provided security for him, in all about 30 policemen and then we sent reinforcement at the gate. The guy is a factor, he must admit, assuming he had taken the advise, this thing wouldn’t have happened,’ he fumed.

DCOP Yeboah said the region would have recorded the untoward if the police which were over powered by the Delta Force numbering over 200, had fired bullets and tear gas.

‘If the police had used bullets, ammunition or tear gas, am sure we would have had casualties, the best approach was to rescue the man from the place, and that was exactly what we did,’ he stated.

The police PRO said the Regional Security Coordinating Council (RCC) in Kumasi where the event took place is well protected by the police.

‘Nobody should entertain fear, we are going to provide security for everybody’ he assured.

According to him, the five suspects arrested will soon be arraigned before court.

By: Ghana/Ultimatefmonline.com/106.9FM