Throwing Jonah into the sea

When man works against nature, nature will resist on its own and act accordingly. It is an inaudible action but biting to the core. Sometimes ignorance and arrogance lead to rationalization in defense of failure. We often seek refuge in Jean Jacque Rousseau’s quote as an authority to buttress our point: “Man is born free but always in chains.” We blame nature for our inadequacies. We take Rousseau as a sacrosanct insight. A little non prejudicial thinking will show falsehood of Rousseau’s thinking.

Man is not born free. Man’s freedom is subject to laws of nature. You are a living archetype of competition. You were the first to reach the ovule of your mother due to your swiftness against other spermatozoa competing for life. When you were born, your nascent wail is to establish a contact between your lungs and the atmosphere for the life given oxygen; that is also a law you couldn’t have survived without. It appears that man’s understanding of having dominion over the world is embedded on a wrong premise. You cannot have dominion over something that you do not know the laws that govern it. You cannot use fire well if you do know its properties, it is pervasive.

In all aspect of life, if you do not obey nature you cannot live without it. Man is always trying to leave in the utopian world of Rousseau. We block passage of rivers with galamsey; we pollute rivers with cyanides, and fish with D.D.T and nets that do not permit the regeneration of species. We fill wetland and build our houses there. We block valleys and continue to build our houses there. We block drainage with pollutants, and when water finds its own level, we rationalize our behavior. We prevent proper analysis and action. We ask powers that be to act with human face. We should never allow the actions of inadequate thinking to remain!

Nature does not wait for anybody. It does not permit incessant greed and self-serving rationalization: A group of thugs perceived as vigilante group, after being brought before the court of law for an attack at a Regional Coordinating Council resorted to further rampage in a court room to free their 13 colleagues on trial which is an affront on the court and on the judge. This has often been our attitude to life. We act, we rationalize base upon aggressive behavior and hypnotized ignorance. This will not deter the laws of nature. It will insist on its own. Freedom and justice are directly proportional, existential to the laws of nature.  We usually pity victims of wrong doing but we do not pity victims of the victim; allowing them social support to continue. We can never exist this way. It is better and natural to stamp on a toe that has stepped on several toes of nature to liberate all other toes that have been stepped on.

Jonah trying to escape from his duty took a boat bound for another direction; but he was forced to admit that he was the cause of the threat to the boat. He was thrown overboard and later spewed out by a whale into the street of Nineveh to do his duty. We must throw our ‘Jonahs’ into the sea for our boats to sail on: Without fear or favor punish our own to advance the course of freedom and justice in our society.

Author: Michael Sumaila Nlasia