Our prayers are with the President-Rev Ransford Obeng

Head Pastor of the Calvary Charismatic Centre (CCC)  a leading charismatic church in the Ashanti regional capital Kumasi Reverend Ransford Obeng, has charged Ghanaians right from the Presidency to the least, to glean good lessons from the death and resurrection of Christ.

Christians over the world are marking Easter Festivities an important time in the Christian calendar set aside to remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the salvation acquired through his resurrection.

Speaking to Ultimate News, Reverend Ransford Obeng explained that the event gives an opportunity for Ghanaians to reflect on their lives, amend their ways and live positive lifestyles.

“I personally believe what we should do this Easter period is to reflect on what Jesus came to do for us. He came to exchange his perfect sinless life, with those of us who are sinners. All of us must be dead to our pasts and then chat a new path that will bring blessing to humanity no matter what position we find ourselves.”

Speaking on some topical national issues the respected clergyman charged vigilante groups including the Delta Force which has been in the News for all the bad reasons, to desist from choosing the path of violence to resolve their grievances.

He noted that “there is nothing that has been resolved peacefully with violence. If we learn to exercise patience with prayer and with talk, we will be able to resolve everything  and we must remember from the patience that we preach that no one’s needs can be met in a day,”

He also asked that government adopts a tactical approach in getting Ghanaians in illegal small scale mining otherwise called galamsey; resettled into alternative income generating activities.

“It is true they have caused considerable destruction to our environment. But these people have fed themselves with this business all their lives. Asking them to stop will not be easy but by dialogue and proper plans to reintegrate them into other economic activities, this menace can be stopped,” he admonished.

Speaking about the President’s hundred days in office Rev Ransford Obeng opined that “on the whole I think they are doing well even though I will say it is not easy to govern and my prayers are with them.”

Sounding a word of caution however, Rev Ransford Obeng warned the President to steer clear of sycophants who would sing his praise and refuse to tell him the truth.

“He should come to those of us who are neither left nor right, those of us who will tell him as it is and this will help him govern the country in a way that brings glory and honour to all Ghanaians,”

“What I will tell the government is that our prayers are with him. The challenges are numerous but the same way that they believe that it is God who brought them to power, they should continue to rely on God,” he added.

The Calvary Charismatic Centre is expected to hold its grand double Easter Sunday service at its Ayigya Auditorium between seven thirty and twelve o’clock.


By: Ghana/Ultimatefmonline.com/106.9FM/Ivan Heathcote Fumador