Meet Hajia Fatimat Yasmeen, Ultimate Mother Supremo Contestant

Quite a number of arrows in her quiver; a mother of ten, 51 year old Hajia Fatimat Yasmeen Appiedu is the wife of Islamic scholar and educationist Sheik Ishak Nuama.

A devout Muslim, Hajia Yasmeen is currently serving as the President of the Ashanti regional chapter of the Ghana Muslim Women’s Association and National President of the Islamic Mission Secretariat.

She played a critical role fostering peace in the 2016 elections combing the length and breadth of electoral hot spots in the Ashanti region in her capacity as a regional focal person of the women United Nations funded, observer and peace mediation group, the Women Situation Room.

She holds masters in Business Administration, she is a teacher and a fashion designer and prides herself as a caring mother, a role she holds as part of her profession.

Hajia Fatimat Yasmeen Appiedu’s motivation for spurring on in life, she says has been her Islamic values and her husband who has stood by her and taught her how to be firm and strong in life.

“What inspires me as a mother is taking care of my home and also seeing to it that my children are well taken care of. In life, what has motivated me personally is that I am married to a man who is God fearing and wants to always direct his family and mostly his wife to the good path of the religion of Islam. And because of the teachings that he gave me, it has made me strong in life and made me one of the most eloquent Muslim women who wants to always bring Muslim women together and teach them as the man of God has directed me to,” she said.

Her biggest worry however, the electronic craze of this generation which she laments is taking away the bonding that families enjoyed without smart phones and social media.

“By six o’clock all the children are in their rooms and even in the afternoon if they are with you, you see them with their heads bowed all the time doing something on WhatsApp, discussing issues with friends, watching so many things. I think these days it is even affecting corporation and unity among our families,” she lamented.

Hajia is passionate about educating women to accept the need to exclusively breastfeed women for the stipulated number of months prescribed by medics. For her “the breast is for the children and not to be preserved for husbands.”

She sums up the food she will be preparing on the D Day for the Mother Supremo contest, the May 14 at the premises of Ultimate FM in these simple words.

“The cuisine I am going to come up with has an international standard and I think you are going to love it and it will look tasty. So I am inviting all of you to come and witness with your eyes. I am going to perform and I am going to wear the crown,” she envisaged.

The Ultimate Mother Supremo is to award a mother out of five honourable mothers carefully selected to take part of a myriad of contests. The mother who wears the crown for the year will champion a social impact project which will be supported by Ultimate106.9FM.

By: Ghana/ Heathcote-Fumdaor