Meet the Warrior Mother, Veronica Osei, Ultimate Mother Supremo Contestant

A warrior mother who fought both physically and spiritually to save the lives of her five biological children from trying health conditions.

“One time all four of my five children had tonsillitis they could not eat, they were vomiting and they couldn’t drink anything. My husband had travelled and I had to handle it. At a point the pharmacist asked us whether we were taking away all her antibiotics,”

“When my first child was nine months she had dysentery. Anything she ate will come out pupuuing blood and all of that.”

“The second one had a strange sickness we didn’t know where it came from. There was an enzyme that was sucking his blood and we taught that he will die but God told us that he will live and not die.”

“The third one covered herself with cloth when I laid her in bed. When I went back to the room, she was gone. I started shouting and screaming. Daddy prayed for her and she was not coming back. We breathed in her and she came back.”

“She once was pouring hot water and then she fell with the water. Half of her body was burnt but by the grace of God if you see her now, it’s just the faithfulness of God.”

“The fourth child once came back home and her face was disfigured and one of her tooth was broken because someone pushed her in school at nine. She only came back at five.”

“The last child was very hyper.  One time they called that he was sick. He called me and said mummy I am sick. I said we are coming for you tomorrow. But he insisted and had to come home. He had an infection. He was in the hospital for two weeks. He stayed home for a whole term.”

“It has been here and there but we thank God for his faithfulness,” Lady Pastor Veronica Osei, wife of Rev. Dr Victor Osei Head Pastor of Family Chapel International sums it up.

Mama V as she is affectionately called attended the Anglican secondary school where she was an entertainment prefect in 1985. She also attended Bible school at the House of Faith Ministries.

She has a Certificate of education from the University of Education Winneba and a degree in Human Resource Management from the Christian Service University College

She sums herself up as “a Caterer, a mother, a pastor and an intercessor.”

She loves to have so many people around her for one thing, “to make them better than myself,” she says.

“A hen and a lizard all lay eggs. But you find chicks following the hen. Have you seen lizards being followed by their offspring’s before?” she questioned to prove the point that mothering is not just about bearing children.

Her concept about motherhood extends to several people whom she has mothered aside their biological mothers a trait she credits her mother-in-law for inculcating in her. She comes to the Mother Supremo Contest on Mother’s Day with a vision to help teenage mothers who had children out of wedlock overcome societal stigma and build their confidence.

“Where ever you are, I am inviting you personally to come to Ultimate FM for Mother Supremo on 14 May 2017, time 2:00pm. Please come and let us experience motherhood and I am sure your life will never be the same. Love you. See you there.”

Mama V is part of five honoured mothers carefully selected for this year’s Ultimate Mother Supremo contest. It will be cooking and other family based activities to crown a Mother Supremo who will champion a social impact project with support from Ultimate 106.9 FM.


By: Ghana/ Heathcote-Fumador