Sosu’s punishment unfair-Franklin Cudjoe

The IMANI Africa President Franklin Cudjoe has described as unfair the ban imposed on human rights lawyer Francis Xavier-Sosu, calling on the General Legal Council (GCL) to ‘review their lawless sentence’.

Lawyer Sosu was slapped with a three-year ban for professional misconduct.

But Mr Cudjoe wondered if the GCL has been sleeping over the years when its members openly spoke about cases in the media.

“I thought consumers must know what services they procure. Lawyer Francis Sosu appears to have been unfairly dealt with by the Legal Council on that score. The legal council must have been asleep all the time when their members spoke and still speak openly about cases in the media- effectively trying cases in the media. This is quite lawless. The legal council should review their lawless sentence of the gentleman,” he said.

The IMANI Africa President further questioned why lawyers are barred from advertising their services.

“I now understand why many lawyers in Ghana try to insert themselves into politically charged cases so they get noticed by the public. The reason is that, lawyers I’m told don’t have to advertise their trade. Is this sensible?,” he asked in a Facebook post.

The GCL in a statement warned “ Sosu shall not hold himself out as a Legal Practitioner or attend Chambers, or render, or purport to render any professional legal service to any person whomsoever, wheresoever.

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