Youth Groups which contributed to NPP’s 2016 victory will handsomely be rewarded-Kwakwa

A member of the Ashanti regional Communications Team of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dennis Kwakwa has indicated that he will ensure that all youth groups who contributed to the electoral victory of the party are duly recognized and rewarded by teh Akufo-Addo’s government.

Mr Kwakwa committed himself to the pledge while speaking at the handing over ceremony of the Tertiary Education Students Confederacy of the NPP at the Akrokerri College of Education.

According to to him, TESCON members as well as other youth groups in the party deserve jobs and other government opportunities because of their sacrifices for the party.

The Ashanti regional youth organiser hopeful, told Ultimate News, the barrage of demands being made on government from the youth of the party is justified.

He indicated that majority of these youth groups heavily invested their monies and time by going to the hinterlands to campaign for the party during the 2016 elections.

‘If you look at these students, they are not demanding anything too much, either they are completing their university education and wanted to be posted to better places for their National service. These are nursing and teacher training college students who also want good postings for themselves, and I believe its fair. The only thing I would want to urge is that I believe its a matter of time for people who have the power and mandate to do these transfers are members of government.

And I believe as we all recognise the inputs they made, nobody is going to turn a deaf ear to their demands… I have used myself as a conduit, if anybody, Tescon members and others have any demand, I will take it upon my shoulders to channel their grievances to the appropriate authorities. And when it comes to this, the government, NPP will not turn their backs on these people, who suffered for the party by abandoning their books and going to the bushes for campaigns,’ he said.


By: Ghana/ Asamoah