Nigeria Sex Trafficking Syndicate: Blame Victims, Parents, Immigration-Victoria Natsu

The Ghana anti trafficking secretariat under the ministry of gender children and social protection has roped in more institutions whose negligence and inaction could have served as breeding ground for the Ghana – Nigeria Sex trafficking syndicates booming in the Ashanti regional capital Kumasi.

The head of the unit, Victoria Natsu made the assertion on the Ultimate Breakfast Show responding to an Ultimate News Exposé about the presence of a well connected gang of Nigerian Women trafficking girls into Ghana for commercial sex work.

The girls whose ages range between 13 to 40 years are threatened, oppressed and forced to offer sex for money that is returned to their pay masters whom they call their Madams.

The brothels and hotels manned by the Kingpins are concentrated in the Central Business district notably Adum, Asafo BB and other areas in the metropolis including the Sokoban Wood Village and Tafo Pankrono.

Mrs Natsu wondered why girls as young as thirteen who Ultimate News gathered wear wigs to look mature could leave school and follow strangers from Nigeria to another country in search of Jobs.

“To see a hoard of children travelling in one vehicle with one woman or man, the border post should be asking questions because we have done a lot of training for our security agencies especially at the border posts to identify potential victims of trafficking,” she noted.

“Sometimes it is also about the victims themselves. if someone comes to tell you to come for greener pastures wouldn’t you ask whether the Ghanaians themselves are at the best for which reason you are also coming?”

“Talk about the parents. Why are we not blaming the parents who have allowed their parents as young as thirteen years to move into another country?” She questioned.

She however admitted that her outfit, the Ghana anti trafficking secretariat was not aware of the trend of girls being trafficked to be recruited into prostitution in the country although countless accounts suggest that some of the girls are sent to other regions including the Western and Greater Accra.


By: Ghana/Ultimatefmonline/106.9FM/Ivan Heathcote-Fumador