Mfantsipim School is not our father: the lies we were told

In view of today’s NSMQ contest which saw between Mfantsipim School and Prempeh College, I want to use this euphoric moment as we celebrate our hard earned victory over Mfantsipim, to clear the deception that many Prempeh College boys have come to believe.

Almost everybody who have passed through Prempeh College believe that Prempeh College was created out of Mfantsipim School. A lot of people have heard and come to believe that, 50 students were “imported” from Mfantsipim School to start the great College we see now and greater circle of the fraternity refer Botwe as “Our Fathers” which after consulting many primary sources – (From Pioneer Students) that, it’s an ABSOLUTE LIE that Prempeh College was formed out of Mfantsipim School. Let me say it again, it’s NEVER TRUE. – the lies we were told.

What did I find ?

Reverend Sydney Nesbitt Pearson did not bring any students from Mfantsipim to start Prempeh College. The students who were admitted in 1949 were all recruited as ‘fresh form one’ students who were mostly from the Ashanti Region.

A few of them were going to go to Mfantsipim School but were prevailed upon to go to Prempeh College since a College was being formed in Kumasi.  The majority of them were recruited locally(Ashanti Region). The exact point I want to emphasise is that, NO STUDENT OR CLASS was transported(imported) from Mfantsipim School to Kumasi to begin the College . It’s like passing the Common Entrance to go to the Coast and your father or uncle saying if a school is opening here then it’s better to stay home and attend that one.

Remember this was after the 1948 riots , and most parents wanted their kids to stay close to home because when the Central Region schools were closed as a result of the riots, a lot of students took two to three days to get to Kumasi and their parents were understandably worried because communication was bad. This speeded up the drive to finalize the opening of the school . So kids would not have to go to the Coast by default.

One pioneer student of Prempeh College also said that, the connection between both schools were the teachers who came from Mfantsipim to Prempeh after our teachers flat was built. (Do not forget that was just like transfer of teachers which we normally see now). This Senior also reiterated that, NO student was brought from Mfantsipim to Prempeh. The students who were admitted had passed common entrance but were not students of Mfantsipim.

I gathered this piece to debunk the mantra “Botwe is our father” – they are not our fathers, it’s a lie we were told.

Let me use this opportunity to congratulate Prempeh College National Science & Maths Quiz team on qualifying to the grande finale of the competion and also wishes them on their final contest. They should make the Ashanti Region and the College we all love proud by bringing our fourth title.


#APORLASCUARTO which means “BringTheFourth in Spanish.


Reference: Senior Nana Ernest Asare, Senior Geoffrey Dawohoso & Senior K.F Asante.

Author: Senior Frederick Agyemang-Prempeh College Old Boy