Agitation simmering among Rotational Nurses who have worked for 3 months without pay

Rotational Nurses serving their national service in government hospitals are complaining government has not released their allowances to them three months after they started working.

These nurses comprise graduates from nursing training institutions who are posted around the country to serve the country for a full year after school.

An affected nurse who spoke to Ultimate News’ Ivan Heathcote – Fumador on condition of anonymity lamented that they have been plunged into hardships as a result of working for so long without pay.

“Some are from different places working in different hospitals, renting apartments thinking that at the end of the month they will be paid to get something to cater for ourselves for the burden to reduce,. But we have waited for about a month now and our allowances are still waiting,” he fumed.

The nurse also disclosed that a certain message circulating on their joint WhatsApp platforms suggest that the Controller and Accountant General’s department is apologising for the delays and has promised to pay them by August.

Their colleagues working in Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG) Hospitals have however received their allowances leaving the other nurses working directly under the Ministry of Health facilities in a limbo.


By: Ghana/ Heathcote-Fumador