MPs don’t accept monies before passing bills-Kate Addo

The Director of Public Relations of Parliament Kate Addo has dispelled claims that Members of Parliament (MP) receive money from firms before passing bills.

Some MPs in the 6th Parliament have been cited for collecting GH¢150,000 from the National Lottery Authority (NLA) before facilitating the amendment of the National Lottery Act 2006 (Act 722) in 2016 under the erstwhile Mahama administration.

But speaking with Lantam Papanko host of Ultimate Breakfast Show, Madam Kate indicated that the bill in question did not even see the light of the day.

Madam Kate explained that the money in question was not handed over to the MPs, but the money was to facilitate their work such as food and accommodation.

The Director of Public Relations of Parliament admitted the house has in the past accepted some form of help from some ministries.

‘Parliamentarians do not take money from anybody before they pass bills, so that premise is not entirely right. Parliamentarians do not take money from anybody, whether they are ministries, departments or agencies before they work on anything whether its legislation or statement on the floor of Parliament so lets get that clear. Now what happens is that over the years in the course of our work, some ministries and agencies have offered help and we have accepted the help, the story that is unfolding now is such instance. Just to make the matter very clear, the money in question were not monies handed over to MPs, they were monies that were used to facilitate their work, provision of accommodation, food and other stuff needed,’ she explained.

She indicated that acceptance of help by MPs will be a thing of the past in the 7th Parliament under Akufo-Addo’s government as sometimes the help is coloured.

She assured that Parliament will find solution to the pending issue urging the public to desist from binding the 6th Parliament issues with that of the 7th Parliament.

‘…Let me also state categorically that this should not ideally be the situation, and so Parliament takes full responsibility for that particular activity and is working to rectify it… Let me also state that it happened in another Parliament (Mahama administration) and has nothing to do with this current Parliament (Akufo-Addo administration), it happened in the 6th Parliament, at the moment, we are in the new Parliament which is under a new Speaker and leadership,’ she said.

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