President Akufo Sit Up! Corruption and Poor Governance is Killing Ghana Under Your Watch

Mr President, Ever since you took over the leadership of this country, the integrity of all the institutions of the country has been systematically corrupted and compromised as well the functioning of these institutions by yourself, and your appointees.

Destructively, corruption is being created and nurtured in every level of the government whereby it’s becoming part of your administration’s culture.

Mr President the first six months of your government has been full of disappointments and pain, the latest scandal at BOST is the most ridiculous cover up in the Ghanaian petroleum history.

Mr President, do you expect Ghanaians to still see you as an incorruptible person? After failing to act on many corruption issues brought before you. The most disgraceful of all is the latest decision to clear the MD of BOST through those lousy findings by the BNI. Your daughter’s name is alleged to have been mentioned in the matter, names of some officials at the Presidency were mentioned, we read and heard how people close to the presidency reduced the issue to nurturing of Presidential ambitious, we heard Ken Agyepong on the issue and the BNI thinks the report it has submitted to clear the MD is convincing enough.?

A minister sets up a committee to prove a public interest issue that bothers on. Corruption, criminality and insider trading Among the institutions represented on this committee is the BNI itself The BNI goes ahead to conduct its investigations without consulting any of the major organizations and persons at the forefront of this scandal such as Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors (CBOD), African Centre for Energy Policy whose founder is the Current Deputy Minister for Energy, Mohamed Amin Anta, COPEC.

Never mind that the NPA which is the industry regulator was unambiguous when it indicted the man for doing business with companies(Movenpinaa and Zup Oil) on the basis of express provisions in their governing law, because they were not licensed to carry out such activity.

The same ministry that set up the committee now does a quick turnaround to hold a press conference to uphold the investigations of one of the institutions duly represented on this committee by clearing the man at the center of all this controversy. Could the BNI not have simply submitted their findings to the committee for further deliberations and discussions if any. it is problematic when the very institutions that should hold the Executive in check become appendages of same.

Our Intelligence Agencies must as a matter of State policy remain apolitical and focus more on the integrity of State actors as custodians of the people’s aspirations. This is just one of many evil and corrupt acts that will plaque this country from the NPP and its Government ; Ghana should never be surprised at all of how they are stumbling over the sickening BOST scandal, throwing in all sorts of twisted information in a desperate attempt to rescue their fast drowning ship.

Pathetic BNI report, why now and not wait for the outcome of the findings and recommendations of the Ministerial Committee?

My prayer is that you change your leadership style else,j you may be remembered as the most corrupt leader ever.

Author: George Kuntu Blankson. Former MP for Ekumfi constituency and Deputy Majority Chief Whip.