Majid Invited To Preach To Ghanaian Soldiers At UN Mission In Congo

Actor Majid Michel is well on his way to becoming a clergyman, with the recent turn on his journey in life.

The actor turned almost pastor has become a topic of interest in the news recently, with his many activities featuring various Churches and Christian groups.

In addition to preaching and deliverance, Majid also uses his Instagram page to spread the gospel to his followers with Bible quotes and positive message.

On Sunday, the actor posted a photo of himself at the United Nations Stabilization Mission in the Congo, with the army heads of the Ghana mission.

According to Majid, he had been invited to preach the word to the Ghanaian soldiers at the mission, stating it was an honour to share the gospel with them. Majid Michel has already been pegged to be next powerful man of God with a mega church by gospel artiste Sonnie Badu, who said he saw God use the actor to do his good works.