Don’t hold brief for Inusah- NPP’s Kwasi Kyei

The Ashanti Regional Communications Director of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) Mr Kwasi Kyei is calling on members of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to desist from holding brief for the former Minister of Lands and Natural Resources Inusah Fuseini following a spy device planted by the latter.

He questioned why the former NDC Minister refused to take off the spy bugging device when he left office.

A spy device was discovered in the current Minister of Lands and Natural Resources Peter Amewu’s office during a screening exercise by the national security.

Mr Inusah has apologised for not dismantling the device.

But speaking on Abusua Nkommo on Abusua FM, Mr Kyei described the former Minister’s action as wrong saying he should be held responsible.

He suggested that the ministry be ransacked to check if there are more hidden cameras and devices monitoring people’s conversations and movements.

‘Why did Inusah Fuseini refused to dismantle the spying gadgets, such a sensitive device?. he cannot say he forgot to take it away, something you claimed was protecting you?. I believe it was deliberately planted. He forgot because he was eating ‘banku’ or what?. What he did was wrong and he must be told in the face. Nobody should attempt to defend him in anyway, nobody should hold brief for him. What is he trying to tell us,’ he asked.

The NPP’s Communications Director asked why the ex-minister didn’t dismantle the device if he has no ill intention against the current minister and the NPP calling on NDC members to desist from shifting the goal post.

‘His action could have landed him in big trouble if this issue would have happened in another country, the forgetfulness excuse doesn’t hold water. He should be worried, what if he engaged in a dubious deal whilst in office, the device would have recorded it, isn’t it,’ he fumed.

Mr Kyei entreated other ex-ministers who hid spying devices in their offices to report to the national security for dismantling to avoid heightened fear and panic among current ministers.

He advised government appointees to be wary of their movements and be security conscious.


By: Ghana/