Down memory lane 5 years on

Today marks the fifth passing on of the President of Ghana Prof. John Evans Atta Mills.
Ghanaians on July 24, 2012 received the news of the death of the President with a deep heart, many of them penned down their sorrows.
One such person who couldn’t hide his sorrow but decided to write an article was Brogya Genfi, a foot soldier of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) but now the Ashanti Regional Youth Organiser of the party.
Read details of his letter to the President when he died:
P. O BOX 1400
AUGUST 4TH. 2012
ATT: H. E. Prof. John Evans Atta Mills
Your Excellency,
I write to you with a heavy heart, a shaking hand and wet eyes!
Sir, is it true that you have left us forever? I received this distasteful news on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 24, 2012. It is a day many have described as the DARKEST DAY in our political history. Your cherished son and NDC Regional Secretary in Ashanti broke the news to me. I treated the news from Joseph Yammin with disdain! It was not the first time such news had surfaced; many have announced your death in the past but you failed to die.
Mr. President, the weather begun to change from afternoon to evening. The clouds started covering the skies. Within an hour, I read an official statement from your Chief of Staff on announcing your death. I read in shock and with the greatest of doubt!
Your Excellency, Ghana was thrown into a state of mourning. Women, men, the old, children, broke in tears. Some wailed with your name! They said: Prof, why have you left us? Atta Mills, why this time? Asomdwoehene, we cannot take this! Agya Atta, what do we do without your intelligence, what do we do without your peacefulness? Please, please, please, come back to us!
Suddenly, phone lines jammed, there were huge traffic on the internet and communication became a difficult part our daily life moments after the news of your demise was announce. The news spread like a wild fire that has attacked a bush.
But as expected Your Excellency, there were reports of pockets of jubilations in some parts of this country especially in Kumasi and Nana Akomea’s constituency.
Your Vice President was immediately sworn into office to replace you as President of the Republic by the dictates of the 1992 constitution.
Uncle Atta, this is what your Vice President and now our President John Mahama had to say in tears as his inaugural address:
“It’s with deep sorrow that I address the nation. Our nation has been hit by unprecedented tragedy. We have lost a sitting president who worked so tirelessly for his people…This is the saddest day in our nation’s history. I never imagined that one day I’ll address our nation in such circumstances. I’m personally devastated. I have lost a father and mentor. I extend our deepest condolences to the family. Our hearts are with our mother Ernestina Naadu Mills. He had deep respect to the office and people he served. He dedicated his entire life to our dear nation. He brought a distinctive insight in Ghana politics. He was humble and a good example and inspiration to all of us. Our finest tribute is to maintain the unity and stability of this country”.
 As a respecter of the law Sir, I am sure you are not bothered by the quick replacement since the constitution says so.
Sir, talking about the law, the Judicial Service has praised you as a peaceful and law abiding President. The Chief Justice has revealed that you never at any point interfered in the work of the Judiciary contrary to the accusations by the Bar that you flouted orders from the Supreme Court. Sir, you have been vindicated! Let me tell you one surprising secret that happened in your absence; the Chief Justice say the Judiciary will name the $50million Court Complex which you cut the sod for construction after your name and memory. I hope this remain a secret oo Sir!
Again the Organized Youth of Ashanti (OYA) which I am a co-Founder has appealed to President John Mahama to name one of the two Universities you established for Ghanaian Students after your name and memory. I mean the University of Health and Allied Science (UHAS) and the University of Renewable Energy at Volta Region and Brong Ahafo Region respectively.
Eheee Chief, do you remember your running mate for election 2000? I mean the gargantuan Citizen Vigilante. You know something; he refused to say anything until after your one week observation. He never paid tribute to you oo. Hmm, I am sure he lost his pen and paper or may have lost his ‘e-mail machine’. He did not even call Kojo Oppong Nkrumah of Joyfm. Lest I forget Sir, the guy has taken us to court again oo. Yes, Martin Amidu’s tribute after the week’s celebration was to sue the government on the Isofoton saga.
Sir, I think that your death has brought justice to the people of Bawku. The dis-honorable Adamu Sakunde has been jailed for two (2) years.
Prof, your guys have been very quite since your departure; Ludwig, Koku, and others have respected your death except that Nii has refused to shut-up. But Sir, your lovely wife Naadu Mills has not showed up on camera after your demise. I can assure you that the people of Ghana are praying and consoling her and your son Sam Kakraba Atta Mills. Hmm, people now believe you had a son!
Your Excellency, the perceived enemies say you are a saint! I wish you could have read from the dailies from where you are. They now say that all the things they accused you of doing were actually the making of President John Mahama. Can you imagine that the Gentle Giant who recently accused you of not taking a single decision in your three and half years, now makes a u-turn – “..let’s celebrate Mills for His was a life well lived…”
Do not be surprised yet Sir, even Hon. Yaw Osafo Marfo say you have always been intelligent and peace loving. Come to think of it, Hon. Kofi Juma is actively mourning you too.
And for the first time, Ursula Owusu wrote on her facebook wall: “…He was one of my favorite lecturers and a fine gentleman…”. Hmm, I never knew you ever taught that girl.
 Interestingly Sir, the ‘kill ewes and gas man’ who called you a thief and criminal and even incited the elephant family to lynch police officers on site, has not spoken about your demise. He says he will do that after your funeral.
I suspect you would want to hear what the ‘yen akanfuo man’ has been saying about you. I cannot hide that from you Sir. The ‘All die be die man’ has suspended all his campaign in order to properly mourn you. Nana Akufo-Addo described you as an astute sportsman forgetting that sportsmen are not slow but active. I have been hinted that his ‘professor-do-little’ was actually not in reference to you.
Sir, I cry when I read stuffs like these from your perceived enemies but I am consoled any moment I remember your question to the Senior Editors at your last media encounter in January 2012. If you would remember Sir, you asked “..Does my continued existence pose a threat to some people?” Your death has justified this question Sir. They say all your sins were committed by President John Mahama and that you were a good man. I am now convinced that your existence was a threat to some old folks’ ambitions.
Prof., the international media reported the news. CNN, BBC, Aljazeera, Financial times, Reuters, AFP, Euronews, Wikipedia, Guardian, wall street journal etc. reported your death.
The international Community was loud in paying tribute to your Life. This is what they said:
Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga:
“President Mills was a firm believer in democratic and peaceful transfer of power”.
French President François Hollande:
“President Atta Mills’ death represents a big loss for Ghana, the country for which he has dedicated his life. I salute the memory of the guardian of the Institutions and the Defender of the Ghanaian democracy he has always been. President Atta Mills was committed to protect the national unity. He was also profoundly attached to the African unity and to the place of Africa within the international community”.
US President Barrack Obama:
“He helped promote economic growth in Ghana in the midst of challenging global circumstances and strengthened Ghana’s strong tradition of democracy. Under his leadership, the United States and Ghana deepened our partnership in the promotion of good governance and economic development. He was also a strong advocate for human rights and for the fair treatment of all Ghanaians. On behalf of the American people, I would like to offer my deepest condolences to the people of Ghana, and reaffirm the deep and enduring bonds between our democracies that President Mills helped to strengthen”.
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said:
“President Mills will be remembered for his statesmanship and years of dedicated service to his country”.
US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, said:
“President Mills was a champion for his nation and his loss will be felt around the world. As the third president of modern Ghana, he worked to strengthen his country’s democratic institutions and to expand prosperity for all of its people, and also promoted regional peace and reinforced Ghana’s reputation as a leader in Africa”.
British Prime Minister David Cameron said:
“President Mills was a tireless defender of democracy in West Africa and across the continent, and he will be greatly missed”.
Chief Dele of Nigeria said:
“President Mills was a simple Administrator who did not see power as an end in itself but as a means to a positive end…”
FIFA Boss Sepp Blutter said:
“Ghana has lost a great football supporter and a supporter of the development of the game in the country”.
Your Excellency there were several tributes that came in from several personalities from the world of politics, football, commerce, etc. etc.
Sir, the Ghanaian community also paid tribute to you. Institutions and individuals from Ghana said fine-fine things about you.
For example, my King and the occupant of the Golden Stool Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, the King of the Asante Kingdom had this to say:
 “President Mills was a respectful and humble person who contributed his quota towards the advancement of his dear motherland Ghana”
Sir, President John Mahama has chosen Mr. Amissah Arthur (your bosom friend) as a Vice President. There has been mixed feelings from the party just like it happened when President John Rawlings chose you as Vice Presidential candidate in 1996. Majority of us in the NDC are rallying behind the Leader in his choice.
Interestingly, some senior members who have admonished some of us in the past to remain loyal to leadership and use internal mechanisms to address our grievances are themselves disrespecting what they have been preaching. I will not hide it from you Sir; Ambassador Victor Smith is a lead crusader but has apologized and I plead that you forgive him just as you forgave those who called you gay, chimpanzee, etc. etc.
Mr. President, all your nice pictures were with Daily Graphic ooo! But they refused to use any when you were alive.
Ahaaa Sir, where do you want to be buried? That has also become a problem for some people oo. You have all your perceived enemies now as your family members. Yes, they say you have become a Royal after your demise so you must be buried at Ekumfi Etuam! What do you say Sir? I am only asking because if you are a Royal, then it must mean one or both of your parents is/are Royals. Okay, but why did you burry both your parents at one place? I know Mr. John Evans Atta Mills (your father) and Mrs. Mercy Dawson Atta Mills (your mother) were all buried at one spot at the Asokyiano Cemetary in Cape Coast. Sir, why were they not buried at Ekumfi Etuam or even Enyan Dankyera?
Sir, I must assure you that we will not let your toil be in vain. We are heading for victory 2012 in your memory. Do not worry about victory because we still have in stock some Johns. The ticket has not changed – he will still be facing your whipping Nana. The people of Ghana will also not be ungrateful; they will honor your soul and name with a victory 2012.
Hope to meet you many, many, many, many, many, many, years to come.
Thank you
Yours Senior Foot-soldier
Author: Brogya Genfi (a.k.a Armani)