The Pursuit for Physical Perfection, Weight Loss and its Health Effects

The 1940s saw an era where curvy, busty and voluptuous women termed as ‘Rubenesque’ were considered ideally beautiful, and women with thin bodies; unhealthy. But now, being skinny or slender as a Victoria’s secret model is perceived by the majority as the pinnacle of beauty.

The universal dissatisfaction with weight among women has become the driving force of health and weight loss trends.

The ideal image for men has also changed over the years from a lean look to a more stylish frame that is not too thin.

‘Thin Ideal media’ is a term that refers to media images, shows, and films that have thin female leads. Thin ideal media portrays the idea that thinness is a good and desirable thing to be.

Society subconsciously takes in the image the media portrays and seeks them out.

The appearance, body weight, and the beauty of celebrities, fashion models, and presenters who are often seen as role models have become the driving force to getting an ideal body image.

Today’s media portrayal of the slim body shapes of the most admired models has led to dissatisfaction with weight among women, which in turn causes the explosion of health and weight loss trends.

Reality shows about weight loss has now become the new evolution of the media’s portrayal of getting that perfect look.

Jessica Saforo (before & after)

Being on diet, and going to the gym are now the priority of most people especially the youth who yearn to stay in shape.

Whilst some spend time researching and buying supplements or vitamins that would help them stay physically strong, others work out to keep fit.

Some folks go to the gym to lose weight, others, to gain muscles, and other people, to stay healthy and in shape.

In an interview with some of the ladies, they gave different reasons of visiting the gym.

“I visit the gym mainly to stay in shape and not to gain more weight” a Graphic Designer Alvina Darko says.

A Journalist Naa Klordey also said she visits the gym with the aim of losing weight.

Priscilla Mensah, a student nurse explains, “I am planning to visit the gym because I feel it will boost my weight loss. I already take in weight loss pills so going to the gym will make me shed fat faster. I want to look fine and classy like a model”.

It’s just a matter of individual taste.

Beauty sells!

Marketers and advertisers have also taken advantage of this lucrative trend by using celebrities with “sexy bodies” to advertise their products and services because these features tend to be appealing to the sense of beauty and is considered attractive.

Nana Ama McBrown before and after

Many people are influenced into buying weight loss products that are advertised by Celebrities they admire because they represent what they advertise.

It has become a constant battle to stay in shape as people are striving for higher body goals.

This is because people want to flaunt their bikinis and swimsuits at the beach in that “perfect body”.

The media do play a major role in what we think we should look like, but that image is changing and reflecting different body types, which is very positive because they do not only portray beauty as tiny models in fashion shows but are also showing more and more people how to stay healthy and physically strong.

Actress Joselyn Dumas before and after

What people fall to realize is that these pills have side effects that can negatively affect their bodies in the future.

On the other hand, staying idle without checking your health and calorie intake can breed sicknesses such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke etc.



By: Ghana/ Joyce Mensah-Sarpong