Children entering correctional facilities can be prevented if…Rev. Forson

Head Pastor of Refreshing Pastures Rev. Emmanuel Forson has indicated that juveniles who enter correctional facilities in Ghana could be prevented if parents act responsibly.

According to him, children will not fall into wrong hands outside their homes if parents pay attention to their development.

Rev. Forson admonished parents to spend quality time with their children by training them to desist from deviant behaviours which will waste their lives away in the future.

He bemoaned parental neglect where majority of children fall into the company of armed robbers, drug addicts and rapists who influence their lives negatively.

Speaking during Juvenile Reform Foundation- (JRF-Ghana’s) charity concert launch in Kumasi, he urged parents to inculcate in their children discipline which is key in bringing them up.

The Head Pastor of Refreshing Pastures advised parents to allow the word of God saturates their kids’ hearts and be bonded with the word of God right from their infancy.

‘Let’s make the church relevant in the lives of young people, it will do us a great service if we do so and I believe this generation will change the cause of JRF-Ghana. Parents should inculcate in their children what would keep them away from correctional facilities.

As a matter of fact, we should show them care, and love, if we don’t, they will find these things outside. Unfortunately, many fall into wrong hands. Our failure to inculcate good values in them to live their age is a failure; let the word of God saturates their hearts. May the church be relevant in our children’s hearts,’ he said.

He advised officers at the various correctional centers to reform juveniles by impacting their lives positively.

‘Once they get into the correctional center, they are cut off from the mainstream society and become the responsibility of the officers. They must therefore ensure that the young offenders re-integrate successfully without reoffending,’ he stated.

On his part, the Executive Director of JRF-Ghana Geoffrey Chaucer Ofori questioned why successive governments have failed to institute strategic reintegration plan to support released juvenile offenders.

He further bemoaned several policies which have been launched but are yet to be implemented adding that some of the policy booklets are collecting dust.

The JRF-Ghana Executive Director called on the Akufo-Addo’s government to as a matter of urgency increase the subventions allocated to correctional facilities.

Mr Chaucer Ofori called on churches, individuals and philanthropists to help JRF-Ghana turn the lives of these juveniles around.

JRF-Ghana is an independent, non-governmental organisation that is concerned with tackling and further stemming juvenile crime and violence in Ghana.