CDD ranks Ghana among countries likely to be blacklisted on Global Investor profiles”

The Centre for Democratic Development (CDD Ghana) has indicated that Ghana risks being blacklisted on the political profiles of investment communities across the world.

The caution comes in the wake of the continuous activities of political party vigilante groups demanding jobs and attacking offices of public institutions to either pull out public servants or protest the appointments made by the new government.

A Programs and research director with the Centre for Democratic Development Mr. Paul Nana Aborampa made the disclosures in Kumasi while addressing a post election review session held by the Coalition of Domestic Election Observers (CODEO) on the activity of political party Vigilante groupings in Ghana.

Mr Aboroampa warned that the trend of vigilantism was sending very negative signals to the international community and if not checked could have far reaching implications on investor confidence in Ghana.
He noted that, “We have three aspects in governance that we use to assess our indicators otherwise whether or not a country is democratic and whether investors will come into the country or not.

“The first one is security. When you pick the normal democracy and governance indicators we are failing and it will get to a point when the global investors do their analysis, Ghana will be blacklisted,”

He further relayed other simmering fault lines of the oil find which could provide breeding grounds for armed groups committing illegalities across the sub region to infiltrate and cause instability along the coast of Ghana.
“We have oil here. Look at the Bakassi peninsula and the Cameroon, Nigerian border and you will realize that what happened there is the same thing happening here. People’s kids are kidnapped for ransom and all these things are stirring in our faces. It is dangerous if we are not able to curb this menace, “He warned.

Source: Ghana/ Heathcote-Fumador