Prof K. Yanka lambasts Institutions, Think tanks for concealing statistics for selfish interest.

The minister of state at the presidency in charge of tertiary education Professor Kwesi Yankah has taken it hard on Ghanaians on what he describes as a deliberate and malicious disregard for conducting research and recording accurate statistics.

The minister made the assertion at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology speaking at the opening of the twenty third congress of the Graduate Students Association of Ghana (GRASAG).

Professor Yankah took it out on state institutions and policy think tanks accusing them of stifling and concealing real figures to cover up reality to push for selfish agendas.

“Ask any think tank, government agencies or even the statistical service about the statistics of unemployment in Ghana and they will draw a blank because nobody knows it,” He demanded.

“Look at how we in Ghana have messed ourselves up in producing less than accurate statistics for the purpose of elections. ask yourselves how we arrived at statistics for a voting population of fifteen million in a total population of 37 million and when you talk of a bloated electoral register, authorities throw up their hands in shame simply as if there are no serious universities where statistics is thought,”

“Either we are not interested in statistics or we deliberately throw up the wrong statistics to undermine accuracy and give unfair advantage to certain categories of people. We have thus bloated the statistics and figures to either win an election or to allocate a separate district to ourselves and possibly a district capital.”

He warned that Ghana stands to lose if “we conceal from ourselves the accurate data we need for far sighted policies in national planning.

Source: Ghana/ Heathcote-Fumador