Search continues for a tourist drowned in Boti Falls.

Search to retrieve the body of a tourist drowned in Boti Water Falls in the Yilo Krobo Municipality of the Eastern region is continuing after several search since the incident occurred on Tuesday
However, divers mostly fishermen from Kpong have been invited to support the search team .They are hopeful that the body of the tourist will be discovered and retrieved.

Adjei Odonkor, one of the divers tells Starr News, they have mounted a barricade at the downstream of the river with a metal wire to prevent the river from carrying the body away after several searches yielded no results days ago.

He is however hopeful the body will be retrieved today.

It is not clear the identity of the deceased tourist but information gathered indicates he visited the tourist site with his American friends.

The deceased reportedly drowned when he managed to rescue one of his American friends who was drowning.

Police Personnel from Obawale who visited the scene were helpless because they had no technology or skills to search for the body but have returned today to supervise the divers.

The water level at the falls has risen high due to the heavy downpours the region is experiencing making it dangerous for tourists who have less swimming skills but Management of the Boti Falls have failed to provide precautionary measures to draw attention of tourists to the dangers

Assembly Member for Boti Electoral Area, Stephen Narh Tetteh tells Starr news, several persons have drowned in similar fashion.

He said management of the fall has dismissed the few experienced divers they were working with and replaced with someone who has no knowledge about swimming.

Source: Ghana/ Ansah