Customers of UT Bank and Capital Bank panic over GCB Bank take over : pictures

The Bank of Ghana has approved the takeover of Capital Bank and UT Bank by the GCB Bank Ltd.

A visit to some of the branches of these banks proved that they had been closed and the ATMs shut down.

The statement, however, mentioned that “The main offices and branches of UT Bank and Capital Bank will be under the control of GCB bank and will be opened at 1pm today for normal business transactions. Customers of UT Bank and Capital Bank are now customers of GCB bank.

“All deposit customers will continue to have access to their funds. UT Bank and Capital Bank branches and ATMs will continue to operate as normal as GCB bank branches and ATMs. All staff in the interim will become staff of GCB bank and GCB Bank will negotiate the terms of their contract”.

Some of the logos have started being replaced with the GCB logo.

airport branch -Accra