Accra Gye Nyame Lions Club supports Correctional Centre’s ex-inmate with masonry tools

The Accra Gye Nyame Lions Club-Dansoman chapter has donated some items to the Accra Correctional Centre (Borstal Institute) ex-inmate Kojo Mensah with masonry tools.

The boy will be learning his apprenticeship in Assin Fosu of the Central region over 2-year period.

The items include: 2 trowels, 2 block hammers, chisel, pick axe, mason helmet, wheel burrow, tape measure, wooden float, lining rope, among others.

The donation comes after the Juvenile Reform Foundation (JRF-Ghana) requested for help for the released inmate.

During this period, JRF Ghana which will be part of his reintegration process will be supporting him financially till he completes his traineeship.

The Club, which has adopted the boy will also support him within his first six months of training.

Receiving the items along with the executives of the Accra Correctional Center, the founder of JRF-Ghana Geoffrey Chaucer Ofori, expressed appreciation to the Accra Gye Nyame Lions Club-Dansoman for the kind gesture calling on other institutions to emulate same.

‘I hope that the relationship that exists between JRF-Ghana, Accra Gye Nyame Lions Club-Dansoman and Accra Correctional Center will deepen, we truly appreciate the support,’ Chaucer Ofori said.

The Counsellor for the Correctional Center Supt. Victoria Adzewuja advised Mensah not to sell the tools nor exhibit any form of misconduct in the cause of his apprenticeship thereby being a good example for others.

She commended JRF Ghana and the Accra Gye Nyame Lions Club-Dansoman for always supporting activities of the Correctional Center.

‘Use the tools to work so that you will be able to take care of yourselves, try not to commit the crime that sent you to the Accra Correctional Center again,’ she advised.

Lions’ President (left), JRF Ghana Founder (middle) and Kojo Mensah (left)

Presenting the items, the President of the Accra Gye Nyame Lions Club-Dansoman Ruby.S.Nutor assured to frequently support released inmates and JRF-Ghana’s cause.

‘This is the beginning, we will be doing more of this,’ she assured.

Kojo Mensah advised the released juveniles to fully participate in reformation process by JRF Ghana in order to get some of these opportunities.

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