Don’t share your Mobile Money pins – MTN Executive

The Corporate Services Executive at MTN Ghana (Scancom Limited) Cynthia Lumor has entreated Mobile Money subscribers not to disclose their Pins to Merchants when transacting monies to their family, friends and clients.

She observed that unscrupulous persons take advantage of the ignorance of subscribers to swindle them of their monies.

Madam Cynthia admonished subscribers to learn the nitty-gritty of Momo transaction than to call for merchants assistance urging subscribers to be vigilante.

The Corporate Services Executive at MTN Ghana further advised subscribers to double check their balance before re-sending monies to senders when monies mistakenly drop into their accounts.

She called on the public to educate people on the consequences they will face if they share their pins with strangers.

‘There are fraudsters out there, who have been taking advantage of the system. Don’t share your pins with merchants, if you do so, its like opening your door for thieves to enter. If somebody calls that she/he has mistakenly sent money to your account, check your balance before re-sending the money. We can only report to the police if such things happen, so be vigilante,’ she advised.

Speaking during Editors’ Forum in Kumasi on Thursday, she urged subscribers to constantly change their pins to avoid being duped.

She further advised subscribers to disregard calls from anonymous callers who claim to have goods from abroad to be delivered to them.

Touching on customers’ disappearing credits, she indicated that they have no interest in taking customers’ credits urging them to be conscious about their settings.

Mrs Lumor addressing Journalists

‘The videos, photos, voices, the hi’s, hellos, internet surfing, mornings, and the greetings you send and download deduct your data. The automatic updates have effect on your data. Don’t place your settings on automatic downloads, be economical about your data,’ she entreated.

Some of the journalists

Journalists in the Kumasi metropolis were taking through the successes chalked by MTN Ghana and the projects they have undertaken over the years in its existence in the country.

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