It’s my right to be a gay – Panji

Ace Music Producer Panji Anoff has stated that it is his human right to be a gay if he chooses to and that should not be anybody’s burden.

According to him, people’s hatred towards others can negatively affect him but their love for their partners cannot affect him in anyway.

He said there is nothing wrong for people to love who they want without being victimised.

‘The reason why I said I am gay is because I believe that it’s my human right to be gay if I choose, it’s my right, it doesn’t involve you or anybody, the only person who is involved is my lover. We are human beings, we have the rights to love who we want,’ he stated.

Panji months ago posted on his Facebook page that he is gay.

But speaking on Ghone morning show (GH Today) with Baisiwa Hammond, he explained that he deliberately posted that comment just to get rid of homophobic people on his Facebook page.

‘My Facebook was full so I knew if I got rid of all the homophobic people, or all my friends who think that love is wrong but hate is right. I wanted them to un-friend me so that I will have more space on my Facebook and add people who believe in love. I want people to understand what I believe in,’ he explained.

He said his post was aimed at aligning himself with people ‘homosexuals’ who are under threats.

According to him every human being has the right to date whoever he/she desires.

‘I believe that everybody has the right to love whoever they want. The only way for me to explain to people that I am a humanist is to align myself with those who are under threats. So I believe everybody has the right to choose their own partner.

‘It doesn’t concern me, if you choose me, it doesn’t concerns me, and if I choose someone, it doesn’t concern you, because you are not involved in the relationship,’ he said.

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