‘Wee’ is medicinal -Panji

Renowned Music Producer Panji Anoff has stated that cannabis ‘wee’ is medicinal and that majority of Western Doctors prescribe to patients.

‘I believe cannabis is medicinal, so do Doctors, Doctors believe cannabis is medicinal. Doctors in Germany, France, Italy are prescribing cannabis to patients. So why is my government denying me access to medicine… Ask any doctor if it’s medicinal, that is why they call it medical cannabis,’ he said.

He discounted that ‘wee’ affect the mental faculty of smokers and destabilises them attributing the increasing rate of madness in the country to family and marriage.

According to him, people have experienced marriages and have gone haywire not because they smoked ‘wee’.

Speaking on GH Today with Baisiwa Hammond, he questioned why the government is denying people access to medicine ‘wee’ and not banning marriage which is tearing people down.

He admitted of smoking ‘wee’ advocating for its decriminalization in Ghana.

‘People have experienced family and marriage and have gone haywire. Do you know the number one cause of madness in Ghana?, Family and marriage. Do you believe me?. So why don’t we make marriage and family illegal?, if we are afraid of madness,’ he stated.

By: Ghana/Ultimatefmonline.com/106.9FM