EIB partners Delta3 for 2nd Cyber Awareness Workshop

Delta3 International is partnering the Ministry of Communications and EIB Network to deliver the second Cyber Security Awareness Workshops in Accra, Ghana.

According to a recent BBC report, cybercrime is Africa’s ‘next biggest threat’ to business growth and prosperity.  The report concluded that the importance of regular cyber security awareness training for all computer and mobile phone users in organizations has never been greater!

It is in view of the above that  Delta3 International partners with Ghana Ministry of Communications to invite you to the 2nd Ghana Cyber Security Workshop taking place at the African Regent Hotel on the 20th September, 2017.

The inaugural  Cyber Security Awareness Workshops was held in Accra in July 2017, and was hailed a huge success by all participants including the Deputy Minister for Communications Vincent Odotei who emphasized the need for corporate Ghana to take the issues of cyber security and employee awareness very seriously.

The event has been officially patronized by Ghana’s Ministry of Communications and endorsed by the Ministry of National Security. Its main objective is to equip individuals and employees with the knowledge to recognize and handle the various cyber threats and attacks. Participants will also learn how to protect organizations data and information assets through proactive, security-conscious behavior.

The Managing Partner for Delta3  Del Aden concluded that research has shown that non-I.T employees are the weakest link when it comes to cyber security, as such individuals, as well as corporate Ghana, need to fully embrace the awareness initiative by sending all their employees to the next workshop in Accra on the 20th September.

To register yourself and your employees, go to www.delta3.co/training

Phone Nana: 0243 616 216 / 0202 621 350

Any queries, please email: info@delta3.co

Source: StarrFMonline