Gov’t Denying Northerners Technical University Education – T Poly Lecturers

The Tamale Technical University Labour Unions and Alumni said government decision to reverse the Tamale Technical University to Polytechnic status is a “disparaging attempt to frustrate the efforts of the present and past government to deny Technical University Education for the people of North”.

The group held a street protest on Tuesday and marched to the Regional Coordinating council with protesters wearing red dresses to demand for clarity to a statement they said made by the Education Minister during the inauguration of Governing Councils for Six Technical universities where the Institution and one other was excluded.

Lectures, Technical University Administrators Association of Ghana, Tamale University Workers Association of Ghana, Alumni Association and SRC took part in the demonstration expressing disappointment at the way government was handling the inauguration of the Governing  Councils for Technical Universities.
Speaking to Ultimate News, Chairman of of the Technical University Administrators of Ghana Mubarak Osman said the Minister during the inauguration on September 8, 2017 last week said the Tamale Technical University and Cape Coast University only obtained  an Executive Order last year but couldn’t exhaust the process and so failed to obtain a University status.
The Minister according to the group added that a legislative Instrument will have to be sent to Parliament for a period of 21 days pending the outcome before a council may be constituted therefore in the interim, a polytechnic Council would be instituted.
“Even though the L.I is yet to be sent to parliament the Minister of Education,  National Council for Technical Education, and all stakeholders I’m their communications with our institution refer to the Tamale Technical University a University. All the key officers of the institution have been designated as such in line with the Technical Universities Act 922 (2016). Does the current position of the Education Minister mean that these procedures are all illegal”, he said.
The group expressed concerns over psychological costs of reverting the Institution back to a Polytechnic saying it is unquantifiable for all stakeholder to bear and declared their resistance to the move.
“We shall therefore resist government’s attempt to inaugurate Tamale Technical University Council as a Polytechnic Council. We also call on the good people of the Northern Region as well as all stakeholders to stand up against this deliberate attempt by government to downgrade TaTU back to a polytechnic. The action is not only unimaginable and unfathomable but also nightmarish as is horrendous,” he added.
Mr. Mubarak stated clearly that the institution was therefore boycotting and would not take part in the inauguration of the institution’s council as a Polytechnic Council as scheduled for this week.
“Having stated our position on this matter, we implore Government to bring the education minister to order and expedite action to inaugurate Tamale Technical University Governing Council sooner than later to forestall any unrest in the region and Ghana at large”.
The protest was supported by educationists, politicians and traditional rulers including the Chiefs of Sagnarigu.
The petition was received by the Regional Minister, Salifu Saeed who pledged to deliver it to the President for consideration.
By: Ghana/ Tanko