Control your sexual libidos before 60years -Ebo Whyte

Award winning Playwright Uncle Ebo Whyte has advised young men to control their sexual libidos before they clock 60 years.

Uncle Ebo indicated that most men waste their energies by engaging in sexual bouts when they could have ventured in profitable ventures.

The Playwright observed that there are people who are willing to jeopardise their health just to get a sexual encounter.

‘…Not controlling your sexual urges, when you are young, you tend to be controlled by your sexual urges instead of controlling them. A young person can travel from Accra to Tamale because there is a girl he wants to take to bed. There are people who are willing to jeopardise their health just to get a sexual encounter. There are people who are willing to compromise the interests of their companies in exchange for a sexual encounter,’ Uncle Ebo told Joy FM’s Super Morning Show.

He observed that majority of old folks have regretted their lives because they failed to plan their lives during their youthful age saying they only cared about the number of women they had up their sleeves to sleep with.

‘Young people scoff at the wisdom of controlling their sexual urges. The result is that in your 60s, you look back with all your sexual escapades and regret, you look at the many children you have had with different women and wished you had stuck with just one woman. You look at the many health problems you have because of your sexual indiscretions. And you would wished you had kept your flap zipped,’ he added.

He said its prudent for the youth to plan their lives before they reach retirement when they cannot engage in active work to fend for themselves.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Roverman Productions entreated the youth to be disciplined in their youthful ages by saving money in order to live comfortable lives when they grow old.

According to him, it will be a herculean task for one to save in his/her old age if he/she didn’t save whilst young.

‘Lack of savings will make your old age difficult,’ he said.

He advised Ghanaians to bond with their families during their youthful ages in order not to be shunned by their families when they grow old.

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