Times Workers Protest: MD To Resume Work Sept. 25

The embattled Managing Director of the New Times Corporation Carol Annang is expected to resume work on Monday, September 25, after days of workers protest.

It follows the intervention of the IGP who has ordered the workers to stop the agitation and give the Police thirty days to investigate their grievances.

According to them, their acting managing director Carol Annang is managing the company into the wrong direction.

“We are suffering at the New Times corporation. Our conditions of service are bad. The managing director has not fulfilled her promises, everything has come to a standstill,” an angry worker told Starr News’ Emmanuel Gbikpo.

She added: “We pay 117,000 to Graphic to print our papers every day, that huge amount is paid to them every day just to print our papers. Things are not working for us here at Times, we have appealed to them to reduce the cost of printing at Graphic but they are not listening to us. News-Times Corporation is like a gold mine but they are not managing it well. They are creating the impression as though things are working well, but how can you rebrand and still go and print your paper with a competitor?”.

The workers turned themselves into security guards to prevent Ms. Annang from accessing the premises of the State publishing firm because they no longer recognize her as Managing Director of the Corporation.

Ms. Annang has however denied the allegations leveled against her by the staff.

source: starrfmonline