EVIL FRIENDS (BACKSTABBERS): Time with De-Unpredictable

Having a trustworthy circle of friends is important to most people. However, there may come a time when you feel that one of your most beloved friends has stabbed you in the back, badmouthing you in a pretty malicious way and vindictive statements which cast doubt on character and integrity.
When this happens, you get infuriated of course. What kind of “friend” speaks of friends like this behind their backs? How about the values of loyalty, trust, and respect for others? Have they been thrown out of the window in this time and age? it can be difficult to forgive and trust that person again.
Fortunately, there are ways to move through even the worst betrayal to salvage your friendship.
1. ACCEPT THE SITUATION AS IT IS. * Make the decision to accept what has happened so that you can move on.
2. LET IT GO * God has mercy even for the backstabbers. If he can forgive someone who betrays you like that, surely you can forgive him/her. When someone stabs you in the back, though…that’s where the lesson truly begins. It’s your chance to learn one of the most valuable lessons we can learn as human beings.
I’m of the opinion that every bad thing can bring about good results if we respond properly. Every situation must be an opportunity to learn and grow.
3. CUT THE UNCHANGEABLE AWAY *There shouldn’t be no place for hypocrisy in your life. Some people are just evil and can’t be changed. If the friendship isn’t of much weight to you and the offending act is not something you can overlook, then perhaps cutting the person away is the best course of action. They have no problem in belittling you in your absence, making negative comments about your work while taking the credit for your ideas.
They pretend to look after your best interests, only to walk over you with disdain when you are not around. They are deeply unhappy, jealous, envious, and pathological. But in all, do your best to forgive to avoid being destructed. Focus is the key!
4. DON’T RETALIATE * It’s not wise to want to back-stab in return. You don’t want to become their enemy.
May God give you strength to stand your enemies.
Author: Ike De-Unpredictable