Blame NPA, EPA for Atomic Gas Explosion – Rev. Awotwe Pratt

The Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church Most Very Reverend Titus Awotwe Pratt is calling on Ghanaians to apportion blame to authorities at the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over Atomic gas explosion in Accra on Saturday.

7 people died and over 100 people have sustained various degree of injuries after the explosion.

Rev. Awotwe Pratt questioned why men of God are always prevented from commenting on national issues.

Speaking during the induction service of the newly lay President of the church at Adum Wesley Methodist church in Kumasi, he said people in authority sit aloof for such calamities to befall the country before they attempt to take actions.

“And yet we have well-seasoned men and women well trained, high qualifications and they sit there and these things happen, very sad indeed and when you talk about it they tell you think about church things in the Bible; don’t speak about social things. I  pay my tax, I cast my vote during elections, I’m a citizen of this nation by birth not by certificate.

‘I have every right to speak when things are going bad and our people always ask us what is the church saying, these are the things that baffle my mind so those occupying high office in this country are they men and women of high repute?,” he asked.

He believes the disaster could have been prevented if these agencies had not slept on their jobs.

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