GADOR launched to breathe fresh air in Ghana’s healthcare system

Ghana’s healthcare provision is set to witness significant change with the coming in of the Ghana Association of Doctors in Residency (GADOR).

Newly elected National President of GADOR, Dr Solomon Nii Kotey Kotey in an address after being sworn in on Saturday October 30 pledged that the group will be a “partner for progressive change”.

Postgraduate medical education for Medical Doctors/Dentists has been ongoing for about 4 decades, first with the West African Colleges and thereafter the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons which was established in 2003.

However, despite several attempts over all these years, there has not been any formal recognized national body to represent the interests of residents and also make inputs towards the improvement of Postgraduate training.

The legislative instrument establishing the GCPS (ACT 635 subsequently amended by ACT 833) makes provisions for a representative of Residents on the governing council of the college.

Speaking later to Ultimate News, he mentioned that “for fourteen years training has been going on, inputs are being made but always with people outside the training.

It is important that the one who is being trained’ input is also taken into consideration because if you are teaching somebody something and there is something wrong with it, you need that person’s input to balance whatever  training that it is”.

“Aside that there are different training centers around, which are Korle-Bu, Komfo Anokye, Cape Coast Teaching Hospitals and we all need to have a unified body and a unified voice when talking about residency issues, even though the issues are similar”.

“When you actually sit down and look at the majority voices, they might not be right all the time but if the majority fells so strong about something, that’s the way we go till we find a change. It’s something that should have been done a long time ago”, Dr Nii Kotey added.

GADOR will be the mouthpiece of all Residents currently enrolled in the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons, West African College of Surgeons, West African College of Physicians and any other post-graduate Medical College legally recognized to provide clinical specialty training for Doctors and Dentists in the country.

The Doctors in Residency across the country meanwhile have appealed to the government, to do everything in its power to safeguard residency training and give them the necessary support in order to rub shoulders with their colleagues outside Ghana.

The Association also wants quality post-graduate medical training be made free and accessible to all medical doctors and dentists in the country.

Dr Nii Kotey however assured it will partner with government to make Ghana a medical tourism hub through their unquestioned dedication and professionalism.

By: Ghana/ Ama Bonsu