Atomic Gas Explosion: We’re not sleeping on our job – Standard Authority

The Ghana Standard Authority (GSA) has dispelled public assertions that they are sleeping on their jobs with regards to the siting of filling stations scattered around the country’s cities and towns.

The Ghana Standard Authority, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Petroleum Authority (NPA) have been criticised over the years following the numerous gas explosions in the country.

A section of Ghanaians including the clergy have stated that these casaulties could be prevented if these institutions had put their foots down in shutting down filling stations located in cities.

Speaking on Ultimate Breakfast Show hosted by Lantam Papanko, Head of Scientific Methodology of Ghana Standard Authority Mr Paul Dartey said these are issues which are preventable calling on other institutions to step up their game.

He described as ‘unfortunate’ the gas explosion at Atomic junction in Accra on Saturday commiserating with the deceased families.

Mr Dartey suggested that filling stations must follow the standards and that institutions must see to it that standards are enforced to prevent future occurrences.

‘These are issues which are preventable, the issues are that we need to step up our game as institutions, in order to raise the bar, so that the dealers will also be able to do their work without some of these (explosions) things happening. And even if it happens, the system is such that it can take care of itself.

‘No we are not sleeping on the job, its a whole lot for example, I can list a whole lot of issues,… it could either be they are not using the required pumps, vaults or lack of calibre of people that were doing whatever they were doing or the installation itself, all these we need to put them together, it sums up to the fact that we must follow standards,’ he explained.

He said investigations have been launched into the matter.

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