Cape Coast: Residents Call For Closure Of Restaurants At Fuel Stations

Some residents in the Central Regional Capital, Cape Coast are expressing worry over the use of fuel stations as eateries and rest stops.

With the most recent loss of seven people and the injuring of some one hundred and thirty two persons in the multiple explosion of gas and fuel stations in Accra on Saturday, residents in Cape Coast are calling for a reverse in the trend of fuel stations serving as restaurants.

A drive through the historic city will reveal a number of fuel stations dotted along major roads and others within residential areas which have gradually become places of relaxation. 

The visible presence of grills using naked fire at these stations is common sight.

According to some residents in Abura, the siting of a fuel station with a restaurant which has begun operation recently is giving them headache.

One of the residents who spoke with Ultimate News said attempts to get the station moved has been fruitless.

The resident says authorities need to ensure that the eatery component at the station is moved to avert a repetition of last Saturday’s unfortunate happening in Accra.

Meanwhile, the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly, the Fire Service and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been visiting some fuel stations, catering centres and homes to find out safety measures at such places.

It came to the fore that some bakeries even place mini tanks at homes with poor security measures thereby placing the lives of inhabitants at risk.

The environmental protection has revealed that it is facing logistical and human resources constraints.

The agency has received a lot of backlash following the incessant cases of gas explosions in the country.

But the EPA says it is unable to effectively carry out its mandate. The state agency says it has deployed a reconstituted technical team of 200 personnel to conduct a risk assessment and audit of all existing and pending applications for citing of gas stations following the Atomic explosion.

Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency Peter Sarkodie says the number is not enough for a thorough exercise considering the number of OMCs in the country.

By: Ghana/ Acheamfuor