Most Ghanaians are selfish, only interested in their salaries- Bishop Awotwi Pratt

The Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church of Ghana, Most. Reverend Titus K. Awotwi Pratt has bemoaned “lack of patriotism among Ghanaians working in the public sector”.

According to Bishop Awotwi, most public sector workers focus on their personnel interests with little regards for the national interest.

He described some Ghanaians ‘selfish’ who are only interested in their salaries.

Speaking to the media on the side-lines of the induction of lay movement executives at Ayigya Bethel Methodist church, he blamed the trend for the slow pace of growth in the Ghanaian economy.

“Some Ghanaian workers don’t love their country, they are not patriotic, their interest is their monthly salaries and what goes into their pocket daily which is sad. We have to put out a lot of energy to work harder to make Ghana a better country. But most are selfish what they can earn is what matters to them not what we can earn, so if Ghanaian workers will actually work faithfully for the nation our economy will be better than it used to be now,” he bemoaned.

He also charged government to focus a lot more on the private sector to create more dedicated jobs and revenue for the state.

”If Ghanaians entrepreneurs are well resourced by Government, the economy grows faster than when it’s in the hands of government. Government come and they go, they operate on their political manifesto which doesn’t help the economy. What will help the economy is development plan, every successive government will ensue that we build on and develop on and improve on the previous once it will work on that way,” he advised.

By: Ghana/ Bediako