VIM awards: Vodafone sets up 50 entrepreneurs; offers 7 scholarships

It was a whole day of grateful jubilation in the Ashanti regional capital Kumasi when Telecommunications Company Vodafone offered seven scholarships and free business start up equipment to fifty of its customers on the Vodafone VIM platform on Saturday.

The *556# Vodafone VIM, a nonconventional and innovative job and wealth creation drive has proven successful exploring the power of mobile phone technology to fill the yawning unemployment gap in Ghana.

Since its launch in May 2017, the platform has recorded over a hundred thousand subscribers who pay a three cedi token to receive voice and video inspirational messages and tutorials from partner professional institutions on vocations of their choice.

The award winners who studied seven main courses including T-shirt printing, Soap Making, Beauty Art, fashion, Bakery and decor took home Gas Ovens, Hair Dryers, soap cutters, Printing Machines, Beauty Therapy Equipment among a host of other giveaways,

Segment marketing manager of Vodafone Regina Ofori was elated Vodafone is blazing new trails causing positive impact in the lives of its customers beyond the conventional selling of data and airtime.

“It is an innovation yet to be seen in this country where we are not just being a telecommunication company, we are not just selling air time but through the power of technology we are helping our customers to learn a trade and a skill so they can also be their own bosses and earn some living.”

Describing the process of selecting the winners, Regina Ofori outlined, “We gave them a number that they were supposed to send us their What’s App videos or audios to tell us what they had learnt. We had a panel of judges which included professional members from the partner institutions who sat down in the last two weeks to go through all the entries and based on their recommendations, we had people that we declared winners,”

She indicated that Vodafone is ready to reward not less than a hundred deserving participants on the Vodafone VIM platform provided the review panel receives the right kind of entries.

The entire Central Business District around the Poku Trading Shopping centre turned up in Vodafone Colours with a makeshift VIM Awards Ceremony tent erected in the centre of the shopping hub.

The event which was ably anchored by popular TV personality Deloris Frimpong Manso, well known as “Delay” attracted hundreds of traders, students, shoppers, award winners and on-lookers.

An excited Grace Doku who won herself a scholarship to learn Juice making told Ultimate News’ Ivan Heathcote – Fumador, she had already started selling her products in her community.

“They taught me how to do the juices and I started selling it around my area. They asked for videos of what I have been doing and later they called to tell me I have qualified for a scholarship and then here I am,” Grace said.

Adriana Twum also told Ultimate News she texted *556# and subscribed after hearing the adverts on radio. Her baking videos earned her a scholarship to learn baking with Cake Tekniks International.

Theresa Adade, a mother of two, who took home a gas oven, couldn’t bottle in her joy.

“Baking has always been my passion and now that I have this oven, I can’t wait to try out every baking technique I have learnt,” she told Ultimate News.


The partner institutions offering training on the Vision In Motion (VIM) platform include Cake Tekniks International, the National Vocational Training institute (NVTI) and FC Beauty College.

By: Ghana/ Heathcote-Fumador