Asafo sink building: I suspect foul play -Owner

The owner of a three-storey building near Asafo interchange in Kumasi has attributed the sinking building to foul play.
According to Mr Fiifi Daniel, he suspects some foul play claiming he heard unknown persons chiselling some pillars under the structure on Tuesday.
He said he made a distress call to the Zongo police when he heard foot steps suspected to be armed robbers but the police didn’t find any suspects when they combed the house.
He indicated that the perpetrators have been attempting to break the pillars for the past month.
Mr Daniel explained that hammer and chisel were found on the premises of the building this morning.
‘…We heard the noise again after the police had left the building. So we left the house with some personal belongings, but we were called back to the house, and we heard one of them telling his colleague that they should hurry up before they are caught, those boys were breaking pillars, they quickly rushed through the river, the police refused to chase them, we only watched them helplessly as they left,’ the owner of the building said.
The building sited over the subin river housing over ten shops this morning sunk.
The building which has developed cracks at the top has slanted to the side causing NADMO officials to create a 100 meter cordoned off and occupants of the building evacuated.
The Ashanti regional NADMO director has ordered for the immediate demolition of the building.
Ultimate News’ Eno Safo reported that the mayor of Kumasi Osei Assibey Antwi has asked onlookers to avoid the area as the structure is pulled down warning that other structures in the area will be subjected to a structural integrity test.
By: Ghana/