North: Impeachment Petition limbless – Superior

Mayor of Tamale, Iddrisu Musah Superior has rubbished a petition to impeach him describing it as “limbless” and “without bases.”

His response comes after at least more than half of the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly Members called for Musah Superior’s impeachment, over several violations including, mismanagement, dictatorship, embezzlement.

In a motion filed by 31 out of a 58 membership, the members are asking for a general meeting to be called for the passage of a ‘Vote of No Confidence’ on the Mayor for breaching every principle on which the assembly is based.

The Mayor is accused of awarding fraudulent contracts, dishonesty and operating outside the laws of the assembly.

The motion picked off by Starr News also indict the Mayor for mismanagement by using the assembly’s “meagre resources” to bankroll cohorts to the neglect of staff of the assembly.

But in a response, Musah Superior said he is focused on fixing the problems of the city and the people.

According to Superior, “the petition is limbless, flamboyantly outrageous and totally without bases…as a law abiding fellow, I will subject myself to laws of the land.”

From the streets where market women and petty traders were evicted to a sweeping restrictions on minors and a crackdown on tricycle riders and wee smokers, Musah Superior is facing the stiffest opposition yet since he was rubberstamped in March 2, this year.

He recently announced plans to shut down all brothels and ban prostitution in the city.

source: Starrfmonline