E/R: Bukrum-Agavernya JHS teachers risk their lives as they swim to school

Bukrum-Agavernya Junior High School near Klo-Agogo in the Yilo Krobo district of the Eastern region is in tatters waiting to cave in on pupils and teachers.

The condition of the mud-made classroom building built by the community in 1973 to serve four communities in the enclave continues to deteriorate posing danger to the occupants.

The roof of the school is in tatters, the mud walls have developed deep cracks and falling apart. The school closes whenever the cloud gathers and teachers refuse postings to the school.

Teachers sitting under trees as teachers lack staff room

The few teachers who accept posting to the school do not get accommodation and have to endure a terrible road network and other poor living conditions. Even more worrying is when teachers are forced to risk their lives to swim across a river before they get to the school.

Though the school serves four communities, enrolment is discouraging as most parents are reluctant to send their children to the school due to its inhabitable state.

The Headmaster of the School, Michael Teye told Ultimate News “Our school building is now like a death trap which is waiting to collapse on the pupils and teachers. The school was established in 1973 and that mud house built by the indigenes has been without renovation”.

The headmaster added “As we are talking now the whole roof leaks, we don’t even have a roof, it is in a mess, parts of the classroom block have fallen, the remaining part now a trap. We have no office to keep our teaching and learning materials”.

He said the current condition of the school building requires urgent intervention to avert a disaster.

“It is a very serious situation which needs urgent response other than that those of us who have accepted posting there, let me say this, it is not easy to accept posting to that school because when you go and see the structure there, you will be shocked “.

Teachers Battle with Snakes

Due to the absence of Staff common room, teachers have been compelled to use a river bank ecosystem as office, hence battle with snakes and other dangerous reptiles in its habitat.

“We don’t have an office, so the trees at the river bank serve as our office and we have to battle with snakes every now and then, ” the headmaster recounted.

Teachers, Pupils depend on polluted river

Portable drinking Water, an essential part of life is rare in these communities hence teachers and pupils depend on a polluted river nearby to survive thirst, a situation which has accounted for some health challenges.

The Assembly Member for the Area, Felix Tetteh Kwablah, told Ultimate News several efforts made to get help from the District Assembly have not received any fruitful response.

Eastern region is notorious for the collapse of school buildings due to the deplorable state of the schools. More than five incidents of school collapse have been recorded this year in the region raising safety concerns.

The collapsed schools are located at Yiwase, Tsremati Yoyim, Mintakrom, Mensahkrom, Bumpata, and Nsawam.

The state of schools in parts of the region is in sharp contrast to what the 1992 constitution of Ghana stipulates –  “All persons shall have the right to equal educational opportunities and facilities and with a view to achieving the full realization of that right- (a) basic education shall be free, compulsory and available to all”.

Again, the Sustainable Development Goal 4 enjoins countries to ensure inclusive and Quality education for all and promote lifelong learning by 2030.

By: Ghana/Ultimatefmonline.com/106.9FM/Kojo Ansah