I will shoot police officers who can’t recite GPS mission & vision – COP Akuribah

The Director-General of Police In charge of National Patrols, COP Yaagy Akuribah has threatened to shoot any police officer who would not be able to recite the mission and vision of the Ghana Police Service (GPS).

Senior police officers in the Northern region during the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Youth Employment Agency and the police service failed to recite GPS mission and vision when asked by the Director General.

The warning came in when the Director General conducted basic service test for officers including the regional commander, his deputy, the police spokesman, Metropolitan Municipal and District commanders, top investigators and regional unit heads.

COP Akuribah who was embarrassed by the action of the police officers said he would have shot the officers if he had a gun on him.

The police officers further failed to recite thematic areas of the transformational agenda of the Inspector General of Police (IGP).

“Is it not in front of your divisional headquarters? Every office is supposed to have it – commander do you have it?  So you see,  if you go out somewhere, you say you are a policeman – Ghana Police  Service and then they ask you what’s your mission and you don’t know, if I have a gun I will shoot you,” COP. Akuribah made his frustration public.

An enraged Director General advised one of the officers who was able to recite his church’s vision to try to memorise that of the service.

“So if you can remember the vision of your church then you should be able to recite that of the police because it’s the police that would pay you before you go and pay your tithe, so try and memorize the job that would give you money to go and contribute,” he stated.

By: Ghana/Ultimatefmonline.com/106.9FM