Its sinful for married men to have side chicks – Relationship Coach

A Ghanaian Relationship Coach Nana Yaw has stated that its sinful for married men to have side chicks/mistresses.

According to him, the Bible kicks against men who cheat on their wives for reasons best known to them.

He said it is pointless for married men to have multiple partners outside their matrimonial homes after their marriage vows.

Speaking on Ultimate Breakfast Show with Lantam Papanko, he indicated that married men cheat on their wives abandoning their responsibilities.

He described as unacceptable cheating on the part of partners saying cheating breaks trust and homes.

According to him, adultery is sinful but polygamy is not adding that people engage in adultery because society has demonised polygamy.

Nana Yaw advised men not to cheat on their wives they claim to love and cherish, suggesting that its better to marry a second wife than to engage in adultery.

‘…So it means that we are exalting adultery and we are bringing down polygamy. Which is the other way round because, polygamy shouldn’t be wrong… I haven’t read the whole Bible, maybe there is somewhere that says that polygamy is a sin. But it states specifically that adultery is a sin, and having a side chick is a sin,’ he said.

But on his part, a Private Legal Practitioner Yaw Acheampong Boafo described the current generation as a dishonest people where they hide behind the Bible to marry one woman and flirt around.

According to him, the country’s forefathers openly married more than one wives without engaging in extra marital affairs.

‘…Mammals who reproduce through sexual intercourse are not instinctively monogamous. Naturally, they are not,… modern day hypocrisy is killing people, I don’t think that our generation is less promiscuous than our fathers. Our fathers were honest because they made known the number of their wives,’ he said.

Lawyer Boafo observed that majority of side chicks have benefitted cars, land, phones, houses education through their relationships with married men.

According to him, majority of these unmarried women would be engaging in prostitution and robbery activities if they had not gotten help from some married men.

He advised pastors to be lenient with their female members who get pregnant by having affair with married men.

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