Account for GH¢15miliion GhanaPost GPS – Mahama to Nana Addo

The Former President John Dramani Mahama is suggesting to the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to ensure that people behind the new digital addressing system are made accountable for the GH¢15miliion.

He said the President and his government cannot take Ghanaians for granted.

The Ghana Post GPS software was launched on Wednesday October 18, 2017.

He described as unacceptable the huge money invested in the GPS system which is freely available on mobile phones adding that money exchanged hands in the deal.

Mr Mahama wondered why some of the President’s appointees would deliberately embarrass him through this digital addressing system.

The former President was speaking with members of opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) at a unity walk in Cape Coast in the Central region on Sunday.

“….Otherwise, how can you launch a whopping GPS system that is freely available on our mobile phones and say it is the best national addressing system?… It’s such a pity. Why would you embarrass the President so much? … And when you talk about accountability, this is where the President should show that he is serious about corruption. Somebody must account for GH¢15miliion given away free of charge,’ he said.

The former President questioned why the President is not walking the talk by investigating corruption practices under his watch.

“The toughness of the fight against corruption is that you are able to take action against your own people and that is what we did when we were in office. Here the NPP seems unable to take, the president seems unable to take self-action in anything,’ he stated.

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