Duncan-Williams collects GH¢100, 000 before preaching -Maurice Ampaw

Controversial Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has expressed disappointment in the Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of the Action Chapel International Ministry Nicholas Duncan-Williams for accusing Ghanaians of being corrupt.

The respected man of God has been criticised by a section of Ghanaians over his comment.

Lawyer Ampaw questioned why the Man of God would say that corruption deals will be curbed if all Ghanaians are jailed.

He said the Archbishop and other pastors should be counted among corrupt people in the country.

Speaking on Abusua Drive hosted by Ike De- Unpredictable, Lawyer Ampaw stated that the Archbishop’s comment is out of place.

‘Why do you make that statement, are you preaching or what?. does it mean that Duncan- Williams and other Pastors are corrupt to the extent that they are only good at brainwashing their congregations with corrupt thoughts.

‘If pastors are corrupt, then what better sermon can you preach to your members?. Instead of preaching against corruption and telling your congregation that corruption is evil and that they should refrain from engaging in such acts, look at what he said. If Duncan- Williams continues to toll this line, he will lose the respect of some of us,’ he said.

According to him, pastors should behave God-like in their endeavours saying Ghanaian pastors have now turned the church into partying and drinking.

‘Nowadays, pastors are snatching people’s girlfriends, singing and dancing to circular music such as one corner. They want to enrich themselves more than God who created them. If Pastors are also corrupt, then we don’t know who will fight corruption,’ he said.

He asked why the Man of God decided to generalise corruption practices in the country questioning the kind of investigations he had conducted.

‘I know that the Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo is not corrupt, some decent chiefs are also not corrupt, there are politicians and pastors who do not engage in corruption. You offend lots of people if you spew such comments. What Bible quotation did Duncan-Williams back his argument on, he should shut up if he can’t fight corruption in his small corner,’ he pointed out.

Lawyer Ampaw observed that pastors have now resorted to business conferences that will generate income for them instead of embarking on evangelism and crusade to win souls for Christ.

He accused the General Overseer of the Action Chapel International of taking GH¢100, 000 before he preaches in other churches.

He vowed to ‘disgrace’ the Man of God if he is challenged on the amount he charges saying the Head Pastor of International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) Dr Mensa Otabil also charges before he preaches in other churches.

‘The kind of activities some pastors engage in is despicable. I am saying it emphatically that Duncan-Williams charges GH¢100,000 before he preaches in other churches, he charges like musicians when they are invited to perform on stages. Some pastors are more corrupt than politicians,’ alleged.

By: Ghana/Ultimatefmonline.com/106.9FM